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Validation of Population

Data Driven UXD Process We create evidence-based designs by understanding customers and measuring performance based on data.

pxd Data Lab

pxd’s data scientists analyze service usage data to dive into the minds of users, detect issues, and eventually produce UX insights. We also create an environment for effective KPI management which ensures continuous design enhancement.

Data-driven User Modeling

Objective analysis of user log data uncovers usage patterns and user types. Verifiable data is added to user models built on ethnographical research and interviews for more convincing modeling.

Evidence-based Design

We conduct A/B testing for drafts and element enhancement as well as performance measuring before and after improvement to come up with better designs. Continuous design improvement is delivered through a cycle of hypothesis development, testing and correction, and design improvement and additional testing.

Performance Measurement

We set measurable indicators as UX enhancement goals and manage them for continuous improvement to establish an organic connection between the business and the UX strategy. In addition, unlike the dated practice of leaving finished products unattended between design renewals, we constantly upgrade and develop our designs and services.

UX Data Visualization Solution : ‘Beusable’

pxd and UX data visualization and analytics solution Beusable (4grit) signed a business agreement in 2019. Based on the new partnership, we can now provide quantifiable, visual data of once qualitative and unclear user experience to deliver more competitive UX consulting.

Remote Mobile UT Platform : ‘Methinks’

pxd is an investor of Methinks, a remote user survey service platform provider based in San Francisco. More affordable, quick testing is now available for both domestic and foreign users.