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FED Group (Front-end Development Group)

FED Group (Front-end Development Group) pxd FED Group designs and develops the front-end architecture that users experience directly.
Vue / React / Angular / Javascript
HTML5 / CSS3 / Responsive Web
Web & Mobile Accessibility / Consulting

UX strategy becomes concrete, interactive deliverables.

UX strategies are no longer empty promises. They can serve you as practical design solutions. Until actionable development deliverables are attained, the UX strategy should remain alive. At pxd, we perceive it as a design process, ensuring that all steps are organically interconnected to create synergy.

Interaction Prototyping

Microtransitions and interactions that seem insignificant can make a huge difference. This is possible only when a development team with a sophisticated understanding of UX is involved from ideation and continuously test and develop the idea.

MVP(Minimum Viable Product) Prototyping

The waterfall process gets you the deliverables only after the long process of consulting, planning, design, and development, which is not a proper tool to remain agile in the rapidly changing market. With MVP prototyping, you can speed up initial hypothesis development, constantly test the idea throughout the UX consulting, and gain practical deliverables.

Front-end Development and Mobile / Web Publishing

Of course, we provide front-end development as well as mobile and web publishing. Accessibility, web standards, search engine optimization (SEO) will be factored to translate the UX consulting findings into final development deliverables.